Gina “Jet” Ortiz is a cisgender female, lifelong artist and transgender
advocate. She spent her earliest years drawing, painting, sculpting,
and photographing everything around her.  She began her relationship
with gender-illusion at the young age of fifteen, when she was hired
by the Playgirl Follies of Denver to photograph their performance at
the People’s Fair on Capitol Hill. It was there that she was befriended
by the local female impersonators, and was taken under the wing of a
well-known Drag star. Soon thereafter, she was taught all about
makeup, fashion and posture. Although she pursued the music
industry as a career (as a music magazine publisher), she remained
active in gender-illusion makeup and photography as a hobby.

She relocated to Los Angeles in 1998, and once again began dabbling
in makeup for cross-dressers and transgender women in the local club
scene. She formed her first incarnation of a professional service in
2000, and named it “Transformations by Gina” in 2001. She continued
to take clients for makeup and photography all through her serious
pursuit of makeup education, and won a scholarship to the famed
Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts, which earned her the degree of
Master of Makeup for Motion Pictures and Television. Today she is
celebrating her seventeenth year serving the transgender, drag, and
crossdressing community of Los Angeles and beyond.
Makeup and Photography for Transgender Women, Drag Queens, and
Cross-dressers: Gina Jet is a well-known specialist in gender illusion and
male-to-female transformation. Whether her clients are just beginning to
explore their gender transition, or if they are in the process of full
transition, Gina will guide and document the process. For those who are
just beginning a gender transition, makeup experimentation and
photography are useful tools in gauging their progress. For those who
are beginning to explore a Drag persona, makeup and photography are
important tools to fine-tune that persona for their portfolios and online
presence. For men who cross-dress, makeup and photography are fun
ways to explore a wide range of different identities and fantasies.
Wherever her clients are on the gender spectrum, Gina Jet will help
uncover their authentic selves through makeup and photography.
Beyond her skills of makeup and photography, Gina Jet is best known
for her ability to teach. She has been teaching makeup to transgender
women and gender-explorers since the beginning of her career. It was
her instructors at the Westmore Academy that taught her how to teach,
as teaching is an important skill in and of itself. Gina is famous for
making learning easy, for even the least-experienced students. Gina’s
talent for teaching lies within her ability to get inside the mind of her
student, assess their skill-level, and analyze what type of learner they
are. Each lesson is custom-tailored to fit the needs of the individual
student, regardless of their knowledge of and experience with makeup.
Clothing and fashion is every bit as important as makeup and hair
choices. Whether it’s choosing an outfit to wear out on the town, a
costume for a stage performance, a playful ensemble for photography,
or daily wear for someone who is transitioning, Gina can help. She can
assess her clients’ look and fine-tune an image that is age and
personality appropriate, all while keeping in mind their budget and
comfort level.
Although Gina Jet is not a licensed therapist, she is very experienced
with the issues that arise during a gender transition. She happy to
provide casual and informal counseling, guidance, and a shoulder to
lean on during the process; in-person, online, or by telephone.