Major and well-known Male-to-Female Transformation service is seeking an investing partner
to aid in the expansion of the business, and licensing for more locations. We are seeking
capital for an aggressive marketing campaign, to locate and train new licensees of our brand.
We are offering a very competitive and quick ROI (10% - 30% within 6 months). Easy and
flexible terms.

We are offering THREE options for partners:

1) We are seeking $15K total, but investors may buy in with units of $5K, $10K, or the entire
$15K. Investing partners' profits will be adjusted based on their investment. $5K investment
will earn 10% , $10K will earn 20%, and $15K will earn 30%, for two years. Profits are based on
licensing fees sold. This investment does not require any management, activity, or involvement.

2) We are also seeking licensees to purchase a license for $10K, which includes all equipment,
inventory, supplies, training, marketing, and much more. Licensee will then own and operate
their own location of an established business, with a 15 year track record of success. License
is indefinite, and does not expire. License is also transferable, and can be gifted. Licensee
must have their own location, but can be anywhere in the U.S.

3) The third option is to purchase the main flagship location outright, for $25K. Purchaser will
own that location only, but will not own the brand and cannot license other locations. All
equipment, inventory, supplies, training, and marketing is included. You must have your own
location, and remain local to Los Angeles.

This is only a brief outline, and much more detailed information will be available on request.
Although this is an excellent business opportunity for a makeup artist or photographer,
experience in those fields is not necessary. Training will be provided, or assistance in locating
and training staff is also included. We INSIST on people who are compassionate and
understanding of the LGBT/Q, transgender and crossdressing community, because those will
be your clients.

This type of business would be particularly effective if the licensee already has a related
business, such as a wig store, lingerie shop, clothing/shoes, or dungeon. It's an excellent
opportunity to promote both businesses together.

The LGBT/Q, and particularly trans-community, is growing exponentially every day as a result
of recent (and massive) media attention. Caitlyn Jenner's "coming out," coupled with the
world's eye on transgender rights, has brought the community into the forefront of political
debate. As a result, millions of new trans-people are coming out, and will quickly become the
largest under-served consumer market. We will be there and ready for them, with open arms
and open hearts.
Have you always wanted to run your own small business, but didn't know where to start? Are you
fascinated by drag makeup and male-to-female illusion?

World-famous Transitions Makeup and Photo is Los Angeles' only TRUE "Male-to-Female"
transformation service. We have proudly served this community for 16 happy years by providing
makeup application and instruction, photography and video, image consulting, personal shopping, and
accompanying to special events.

We are seeking new artists to license our brand for expansion. We strive to meet the demands of the
community by opening multiple locations throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you want to get
serious about becoming a professional makeup artist, and are ready to operate your own service, this
might be the perfect opportunity for you. As an official licensee of Transitions Makeup and Photo, you
will enjoy a flexible schedule, a built-in clientele, an opportunity to develop a multitude of useful skills,
and build an incredible portfolio for other types of work. You'll work on many diverse types of faces
that will prepare you for any style of makeup, and most importantly you will learn how to communicate
with and relate to a wide range of personalities.

The license you purchase includes all equipment, materials and supplies you'll need to get started
immediately. You will also receive FULL one-on-one training by founder and owner Gina Ortiz,
including specialty makeup, photography, and photo-retouching with Photoshop; as well as basic
business and marketing. We will teach you everything you need to know, because we want you to

Here is a list of everything that is included in the price of your license:

*Full training in makeup, photography, and photo retouching
*Full training in management of specific business and clients
*Unlimited use of business name
*Your own listing on the main website
*Your own social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Google, etc.)
*Assistance with finding and setting up a location
*Assistance with finding and training staff (if needed)
*All photography equipment (high-end digital Nikon DSLR, 4- point studio lighting kit, stands,
chromakey background, misc. backdrops, etc.)
*Complete makeup kit with case, and professional makeup chair
*New Toshiba laptop computer with latest version of Photoshop pre-installed
*Start-up kit of clothing and shoes
*Start-up kit of wigs
*Start-up kit of lingerie and undergarments
*Start-up kit of costume jewelry and accessories
*Start-up kit of hats, belts, and accessories
*Your own set of business cards
*Fully comprehensive "operations manual"
*My full recommendation and endorsement
*Continued and ongoing consulting and support for both business and creative aspects