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Have you always wanted to start your own transformation service but you don't have the
skills? Now you can enroll in my new training program that will give you those skills! I will
teach you the fundamentals of Male-to-Female "transformation" makeup, portrait
photography, and image retouching with Photoshop.

My 10-Day course covers everything you need to know to get you started in glamorous
makeovers for transgender women and gender-explorers. You will learn how to apply
makeup on any face, as well as how to teach makeup application for lessons. You will
learn how to set up your own photography studio, how to take flattering portraits, and
how to professionally process those images to give to your clients. You will also learn
how to do your own marketing on all social media platforms, as well as design your own

The cost for this training program is $4,000, which is considerably less than the cost of
makeup school alone. Most makeup schools cost at least $10,000, and do not include any
form of photography training. Why not learn from someone who has specialized in this
niche market for nearly two decades?