We're very excited to announce our newest
instruction program: Lessons by Skype! Our
Skype instruction includes all the same great
customized instruction you get with our in-person
lessons, but without the traveling! Now clients
from all around the globe can enjoy the benefits
of individualized training from the comfort and
convenience of their home or hotel.

Our all-inclusive lesson begins with skin
preparation (cleansing and priming), and covers
everything from choosing the right foundation,
beard-covering, brow-blocking, contouring and
highlighting, and facial feminization. You'll learn a
simple daytime look, as well as a dramatic
nighttime look (including smokey eye).

We'll help you figure out the best styles and
colors that are right for your skin tone and face
shape, as well as your personal preferences. We
can teach you ANY style of makeup, and we make
learning easy and fun!

You can watch a million makeup tutorials on
YouTube, but they are not interactive! They will
not teach you how to do makeup on YOUR face
with YOUR products! Our lessons are
personalized to fit
Q: OK, I'm sold. What do I do now?
A: Making an appointment for your Skype lesson has never been easier. We
use a new service called "Calendly" which allows you to reserve your
appointment directly on my calendar. You'll see my availability clearly so
you'll be able to choose a convenient time to do your lesson without a bunch
of back and forth emailing. I will receive a notification of your booking right on
my phone, and I can confirm receipt of your payment as soon as it is received!

Q: Alrighty, then! So how do I pay?
A: We accept Paypal and Venmo. If you have
another payment method you'd like to use, send
me an email here:

To pay with Venmo, send your payment to:

To pay with Paypal, click this button:
Q: So what kind of supplies should I
have on hand for my lesson?
A: I've made a very general list of basic makeup supplies you should have for your
lesson. Do NOT feel like you need to go out and buy every exact item on this list. If you have
equivalent/comparable items that you like, then by all means feel free to use them. I am
happy to teach you with the things you already have. However, there are some things that
you will absolutely need, like medium to dark brown eyeshadow in MATTE finish, and at
least one light color (eggshell, pale pink, etc.). You need to have a good quality foundation,
powder (loose or compact), beard cover, mascara, lip liner and lipstick, eyeliner, and a basic
makeup brush kit. For a BASIC product list, click here:
That's it, you're all done!
So here's a little mental checklist:
*Do you have a basic makeup kit you can use for the lesson?
*Can you set aside 4 hours of uninterrupted quiet time?
*Have you scheduled the appointment on my calendar?
*Do you have a strong internet connection?
*Have you sent your payment?

Good! Then we're all set! If you have questions, feel free to send me an email.
We can even have a quick Skype call to discuss your thoughts and questions
before you send payment. I'm happy to do that. Email me and we'll get it all
worked out!
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